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411 on Sustainability in the City of SB’s New Zoning Ordinance

The City of Santa Barbara kicks of their ‘NZO’ with its first module that looks to limit commercial uses in industrial zones and increase flexibility for neighborhood markets, food vendors & community gardens. Plus the SLRI wants an overlay!



Renee Brooke, AICP, talks climate change, Coastal Commission relationships, Lego’s and the Pacific Crest Trail in an Open Space exclusive interview about her new job in Santa Barbara!


Goleta Council Votes to Pursue Ordinance to Better Regulate Vacation Rentals

Owners would have to provide a “nuisance response plan”, proof of a business license and transient occupancy registration, a bond to assure compliance, a fee to cover the cost of the finance department administering the program and public noticing of neighbors within 200 feet.


“Concrete Pouring Starts Tomorrow on Mesa Subdivision”

That was the headline when the “Marine Terrace on La Mesa,” the largest post-war housing project in Santa Barbara was to start. “…the entire work of building the houses, laying the streets and installing all utilities will be completed within 6-months…a two bedroom dwelling is $9500… a three bedroom dwelling is $10,800…”



California’s APA will host its annual conference in Oakland this year October 3 – 6, 2015 at the Oakland City Center Marriott. The Northern Section Host Committee is still calling for Presentations. Do you think you have what it takes to wow California Planners? Well then… you’ve got until February 6 to submit! Questions?


Ventura County releases their Draft Wireless Ordinance

Up to this point, the County has relied on their CUP code and permit process for just about all wireless projects. Their draft ordinance attempts to balance the influx of CUP applications, neighborhood concerns of proliferation, and the Federal Government’s ongoing winnowing of local agency control.


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2015 POTM!

What’s that big ‘sucking’ noise you ask? Well, it might (still) be Ventura stealing all the planners from Santa Barbara! Our POTM features public and private movement in the industry… from retirements to appointments to JOBS! YAY JOBS!

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San Jose’s Downtown Doors Program – Student artists beautify the public realm

San Jose engages students to place art in urban areas to fight blight; an article by Juan Borrelli, AICP, who is a City Planner in San Jose and Planning Historian. Juan invites you to follow him on Facebook, where he leaves a vivid trail of public art and elongated pennies, amongst other items of interest.

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New GHG protocol recruits ranchers in fight against climate change

The California Air Pollution Control Officers Association has announced the approval of a new greenhouse gas emission reduction credit protocol that recruits ranchers in the fight against climate change. Anne Coates from the Cachuma Resource Conservation District says that, “It was a big deal to get them to accept it for carbon credits.”

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Texas Housing Case Tests Civil-Rights Doctrine

In a case of “be careful what you wish for,” the Supreme’s take up a case that could pose drastic changes – if not damages – on the affordable housing marketplace. But, some feel that “People need to get over this idea that just because they weren’t trying to hurt people that they weren’t hurting people…” Note, the full article is behind WSJ’s paywall.

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