Planning Issues In Depth

CA Legislature Passes Historic Legislation Fundamentally Changing California Groundwater Law

Used to be the longest ‘straw’ controlled the water. So for many, SB-1168 and AB-1739 catch CA law up to where the rest of the Western US is with proactive groundwater basin management planning. But for some, it’s a whittling away of that bundle of protected property rights.


Santa Barbara County Land Conservation Bank is Established

Developers, municipalities, other government agencies and various stakeholders combine to create a Land Bank which will protect and preserve over 853-acres of critical CTS habitat forever.


City of Santa Barbara updates its Zoning Ordinance

The City seeks to update its 1957 code by making it more ‘user friendly,’ clarify decision making and respond to non-conforming situations, amongst other improvements.


POTM – Area Planners on the Move

In our long overdue POTM update, we have public and private sector movement and promotions, from Ojai to Santa Maria


Initiative to Ban Fracking in Santa Barbara County Qualifies for November Ballot

Water Guardians advocacy group seeks an end to ‘high-intensity petroleum operations’ that it deems risky and environmentally harmful. We’ve also got information about onshore production issues in SB County – link.


Land Conservancy of SLO County Pursues Pismo Preserve Opportunity

The Land Conservancy of San Luis Obispo has announced that they are working to purchase a 900-acre private ranch high above Pismo Beach in an effort to create the world-class Pismo Preserve. The bulk of the $12m acquisition costs will hopefully come from CA State agencies.


Older News


Revitalizing Saticoy’s character as a historic railway hub in Ventura County through reinvestment and opportunity

la times

“When God doesn’t provide the water… it’s not here…”

The Times columnist, George Skelton, artfully illustrates our drought within the context of fish vs. farms. Was it Reagan’s fault? And is Gov. Brown going to pull off a rain dance next?


VOTE – for Cal Chapter Board Members

Trouble receiving your ballot from State APA… please make sure you contact our admin board for your ballot! Voting closes on December 10!!!

apa all starts - Copy

Visalia? Really? Our Central Coast APA raffle winners gets a whif of the Central Valley and like what they see…

Here’s a recap of our raffle winners’ experience from the Cal Chapter APA conference last month in Visalia.

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